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*Free Throw with a Gift Card Purchase of $300 or more. See Spa for more details.

*Free Voya Spice Candle with a Gift Card Purchase of $500 or more. Added to the Throw Offer! Give More.

Give a Holiday Spa Package as a Gift!

A Woodhouse Tradition (4hrs. 50mins.) ...$500.00

It’s a tradition at The Woodhouse to exceed your expectations, and this unique package is designed to do just that!  Enjoy the Woodhouse Escape, followed by our popular Minkyti Facial.  Complete this relaxing, holiday getaway with our Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure and a Warm Agave Nectar Manicure and end your day in a perfect, most relaxing way.   

Holiday Happiness (3hrs. 20mins.) ...$350.00

Happiness can be found at The Woodhouse.  This specially designed holiday package features a relaxing 50-minute Lavender Dreams Scalp Massage, followed by our Timeless Anti-Aging Facial.  Your experience will also include our Warm Agave Manicure and our relaxing Warm Agave Pedicure - a perfect way to celebrate the holidays!

My Holiday Favorite (2hrs. 30mins.) ...$315.00

Sure to be a favorite part of your holidays! Your retreat begins with a relaxing fifty-minute Volcanic Stone Massage and is followed by our Illuminating Facial, designed to reveal a brighter complexion.  Following your facial experience, your feet are pampered during our Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure.  Now take a deep breathe, relax and enjoy your favorites from The Woodhouse.  

Old Fashioned Spa (1hr. 40mins.) ...$200.00

Turn back the time with this relaxing package, featuring a fifty-minute Swedish Massage and the Organic Discovery Facial, designed to restore clarity and radiance.  This experience is the perfect holiday retreat from a hectic lifestyle.

Great Gift Combination... Free Throw Offer applies to any qualifing Spa Package.

Carmel Dipped Marshmallow Manicure ...$ or Pedicure ...$XX

A rum-infused brown sugar scrub with buttery, caramel notes thoroughly exfoliates and removes lackluster, dry skin cells.  Topped off with a richly hydrating mango and cocoa butter massage with scrumptious notes of Tonka Beam leaves skin silky soft. 50 minutes services.

Marshmallow Massage ...$XXX

This relaxing and moisturizing massage features the exotic and richly hydrating mango and cocoa butter, mixed with the scrumptious notes of tonka bean, leaving the skin silky soft with a South Seas essence. 50 minutes service.

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